First Long Ride to Eagle River

A huge thanks to Dan Bailey for all of the great photos!

Today was our first big day ride as a group. We’ll just let you know up front that the Team GRIT did an awesome job on their 26 mile ride out to Pizza Man in Eagle River and back! 

The group met at Begich Middle School early in the afternoon and loaded up on snacks and water and lubed their chains. In addition to the full GRIT team of 11 students and five mentors, we were joined by Kendra, our local stamp designer, and photographers Amy, Dan and Hobbs. From Begich, it was a short ride on city streets to  the Glenn Highway Trail, a 17.5 mile multi-use path from Anchorage to Chugiak. Although we faced a headwind riding north, it was nice to ride away from automobile traffic.

The Glenn Highway Trail parallels the Glenn Highway for approximately 13 miles before our exit to Eagle River. On Saturday morning, this trail was full of cyclists, walkers and runners out enjoying the sunny spring day. With two weeks of riding now under our belts, we breezed along, with a few quick stops for water.

Pizza Man did not disappoint with it’s tasty pies. The group put down an impressive number of slices and we were back on the bikes before we knew it. The ride back starts with a monster climb out of Eagle River and a few of us had to walk part of the way, but we all made it to the top. We took a break for a little yoga and stretching at the top of the hill and got back on our bikes. Everyone agreed that the ride back to Begich was much easier than the ride out to Eagle River. The pizza and tailwind must’ve helped power us home!

Despite being the longest ride most of the GRIT girls have ever done, we rolled back to Anchorage all smiles. As a mentor, I was beyond impressed with the riding skills and endurance that the group displayed. Team GRIT is really standing out as a group of fierce ladies who not only accomplish, but enjoy long days in the saddle. Ride on!

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  1. mujozen says:

    Those yoga poses look tough!


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