Bag Making and Screen Printing at Revelate Designs

The ice melted substantially this week and we finally got to enjoy some traffic-free trail riding. Steller students get out of school at 2PM and Begich gets out at 2:45PM. The two schools are located 7 miles apart via greenway trails and city streets. In mid-April in Anchorage, there is still quite a bit of snow on some of the bike paths, making them unrideable on our 2” tires. To spend as much time together as possible, we preset a route and rode towards each other. After we met up, the whole group got to ride the Chester Creek greenbelt practically to the front door of our Wednesday activity. After conquering the Arctic Avenue hill, we piled our bikes in the entryway of Revelate Designs and jumped right into lessons on bike-bag design.

Revelate Designs is the industry leader in design and manufacturing of bikepacking gear, and they happen to be based in Anchorage! Holly and Dusty from Revelate introduced the team to different bag designs, including the custom panniers that we are using for GRIT. We split into two groups and started our bag design by picking out material colors. Each girl traced their bag panels from a template provided by Holly, and then cut the panels out with heavy industrial shears. Finally, each bag was stamped with a custom GRIT logo designed by GRIT ally Kendra Higgins. Dusty walked us through the assembly process by masterfully sewing a full set of panniers and before we knew it, our workshop was over!

With some time to spare and extra enthusiasm, we decided to stamp our logo on our Specialized team t-shirts. The assembly line made quick work of customizing each shirt and now we will get to ride in style as a team! Today was truly a special day, and we couldn’t have done it without the help from Revelate Designs and the extra hands of Sue Westfield! Until next time, ride on!

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