Bicycle Maintenance with Katie and Sarah

The GRIT team enjoyed beautiful weather for our Wednesday ride! Spring has arrived with gusto here in Anchorage and we were ready to take to the outdoors! Steller departed their school and biked towards Begich. We met on the trail near Russian Jack Park after 5 miles of pedaling and rode as a full team to our afternoon workshop. The group fared the dusty streets and slushy trails with smiles on their faces and the sun on their backs. We even survived one on-trail  low-speed collision. We’ve recently started a custom where small mishaps are celebrated with prizes. On Wednesday, Amei won a buff from Claimjumper AK.

We were greeted at The Trek Store by mechanics Katie, Kellene, and Sarah and parked our bikes in the rear shop for a lesson in basic bicycle mechanics. Today we learned how to clean and lubricate our chains, an important skill to keep the bike rolling smoothly. We also learned how to remove and install front and rear wheels, a preparation for next week’s lesson in flat tire maintenance. The class was full of hands on activities, as each girl performed all their newly acquired skills on their own bikes. As Begich headed out to ride back to their school, Steller got an additional lesson on how to remove the tire and tube from the wheel. We are hoping that Steller can teach their Begich counterparts this skill next week!

The sun was still high in the sky as the girls headed back to their perspective schools for pickup. By the looks of it, we may be able to ride the trails next week! A big thank you to the Trek Shop, Katie, Kellene, and Sarah for hosting us! We cannot wait to meet up for round two of our maintenance class! Stay tuned for Anchorage GRIT’s next update.

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